Looks like (Smoked) Meat's back on the menu!

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As you may have seen yesterday, we did a practice run smoking meats before Smoke Days arrive. We're making sure that when you can get your hands on our smoked goods that they're more delicious than they even look.


Speaking of Smoke Days, they're coming quick. Our first ever Smoke Day will be Monday January 25th. Order soon, order lots, and tell your friends because they're all going to want some too.


Our day began early yesterday morning when we dusted off our old smokers and woke them from their cold winter slumber. We prepped our brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast, and chicken wings with our house-made rubs and slow cooked it all for more than 8 gloriously smokey hours. 


The charcoal and wood smoke combined beautifully with our house-made rubs and sauces and the slow cooked meat for a symphony of flavour. Trust us, you're going to want some.


For Smoke Day orders, we again request that you place your order a MINIMUM of 2 days before. Orders of meat are by the half-pound, or you can order the Smokehouse Platter.


The Smokehouse Platter is a new meat-sweat inducing feast that includes 1/2 pound of: brisket, pulled pork, and turkey with the option of adding more meats, chicken wings, or beef ribs (on Fridays). The platter also comes with 2 mini cornbreads and your choice of 3 sides, of course with the option to add more. 


We've been working on this expansion for quite some time and we are very excited that the time has come for everybody to enjoy with us! Call or message us to place an order, share some pics, and don't forget to tell your friends!