Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How are the meals served?
A: The meals are served buffet style, but we don’t just put them out and let you fend for yourselves. Staff serve all the hot items on the buffet, and the beef is carved from the roast for each individual guest. This makes a nice presentation, and permits each person to select the beef the way they prefer it, as opposed to what they would get if it were pre-cut and placed on a tray.

Q: Do you clean up after the meal?
A: Yes. We pick up plates from the tables, and each guest is asked if they care for any more servings before their plate is removed. In the event that someone gives up their plate and then decides that they would like some more food, they can get another new plate, you are not charged for that.

Q: How do you know how many people to charge us for?
A: When you book your function with us, we ask for the approximate number of guests that you expect to attend. Then, several days before your function we ask for a guaranteed number. We then put out the appropriate number of plates on the buffet tables. We are always able to serve the entire number of people before anyone is ready for second helpings.

Q: How long does it take to serve everyone?
A: It takes approximately 20 minutes to serve 150 people.

Q: Do we get to take home any beef that isn’t served?
A: The dinners are offered as “all you can eat” and your guests can go up to the buffet line as often as they want to. However, it isn’t offered as “all you can eat today, tomorrow, and next week”. At some point it becomes very evident that no one cares for any more food and, with your permission, the buffet line is closed down and taken away. Any remaining food is taken with us. The only exception to this is if, for some reason, the total expected attendance wasn’t reached, we will leave you food to compensate for that number; after all, you are paying for it.

Q: Are there any additional charges for staff to serve and clean up?
A: No. All staff are included in the price of the meal.

Q: How are your staff attired?
A: All staff wear white shirts/blouses, black pants/slacks, bow ties and black aprons with our company logo.

Q: Are gratuities and GST included in your menu prices?
A: No. Gratuities and GST are in addition to the menu prices. Gratuities are not only for the actual staff serving you, but are shared by the people who prepare the food and clean up as well.

Q: How much are gratuities?
A: Gratuities are 15% and are added at the time the bill is prepared.

Q: How much do you charge for children?
A: Children under 9 years old are charged half price for the dinners and salads. Children 9 years and older are charged full price. This children’s discount does not apply to desserts, or BBQ Beef on a Kaiser.

Q: What do you offer for people who do not eat beef?
A: We offer a portion of vegetarian lasagna instead of the slices of beef with the dinners. The other accompaniments would remain the same.

Q: Is a deposit required to make a booking?
A: Yes. A deposit is required to confirm your booking and is deducted from your final payment.