It's warming up, but our food has always been hot and fresh

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We're just happy that the polar vortex crap is finally over. With everything thawing out a little bit, we hope that when you finally venture outside of your house you find it prudent to give us a visit. Obviously, we didn't expect many people to trek out to the foothills industrial area when it was -40, but some of you did. We're super appreciative and know that you all enjoyed yourself. We're looking forward to warmer weather, the return of team sports, and more and more of you coming for a dine-in experience. 

There are some new additions to the menu this week to announce. These include a kids menu, with appropriate portion sizes, and delicious desserts (including the s'more mini donuts pictured). Great deal, great value, and a menu to draw on, what more could you want?

We're also releasing Flames game day platters and combos with a variety of sizes and combinations to keep your entire house happy and well-fed. You can grab a platter on your way home from work or for dine-in during a Flames game. 

We can't wait for the return of team sports, both children and adult versions, and families in our seats. We're so thankful for the support thus far on all fronts: Skip the Dishes, dine-in, and take-out. We're optimistic for the coming weeks as the weather starts to warm up and everybody wakes up from their winter hibernation in search of smoked meat.

Keep those orders coming and stay tuned for more next week!