Three Things We Can’t Wait For In 2021

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We experienced two major changes in 2020 that have modified our business. The most obvious change was adapting to the restrictions brought on by COVID-19. The second change was the opening of our dine-in outlet. Due to the COVID-19 limitations, there are fewer people working in the area, which means that our lunch rush is less busy than it was previously. We are also running at less capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. That means we can seat fewer people at a time and have fewer people at a table than we are used to.

Fortunately, our new dine-in location is only two blocks away from our old location, so the only issue is ensuring that all of our customers know about our new address so they can come to find us. We are located in the main building of the Calgary Soccer Centre. Ours are the doors with the flags in front, not the building that says “Calgary Soccer Centre” on the front! Yes, it can be confusing, but we promise you won’t forget once you get here.

The quality of our food is incredible, and the taste is simply irresistible. We take great pride in our food as it has helped us acquire so many loyal customers. Through their help, we have managed to stay in business despite the challenges of the pandemic. These loyal customers have continued to patronize us by dining-in and ordering take-out. With their support and new customers ordering from us online through Skip the Dishes or UberEats, we have continued to survive and get even busier every week.

So despite the roller coaster ride brought on by 2020, we were able to stay afloat. That said, we are still looking for some routine and normalcy in these times while we wait for the dust to settle. Until then, we’ll keep surviving and making the best of what we have until a brighter future reappears. In the coming months, we hope to see the following five changes:

1. Better stability
We hope to stay open and survive 2021, as the Coronavirus is still threatening lives and businesses. Given that everything is still up in the air and constantly changing, we are always adapting to the circumstances. We hope for some stability and normalcy as we attempt to return to the lives we once knew. If we manage to curb the virus spread even a little, we can all look forward to living more freely.

2. Ease of restrictions
With the number of recoveries looking good, it appears that restrictions will continue to ease. If we continue on this same track of steady improvement, we may see team sports returning and people getting back to their offices. We hope with all of this happening we will be able to have more people sitting in our restaurant and enjoying our food.

3. Return of events
With the administration of the vaccine for COVID-19, we’re all hoping for positive prospects. 

We hope to see the return of events in the coming months, which will probably be smaller than normal but hopefully, people will be able to gather for celebrations, which we can cater to. With events like weddings and gatherings taking place, we hope to get busier so that we can sustain our business.

If you’re planning an occasion and need catering services, or if you’re in the mood for a scrumptious meal, reach out to us at All Beef Catering and Smokehouse. We are a restaurant and catering company serving people across Calgary, Cochrane, Black Diamond, Okotoks, High River, Chestermere, Airdrie, Langdon, Bragg Creek, and Redwood Meadows, Alberta. We maintain high-quality standards and follow all the safety regulations to ensure our food is clean, fresh, and healthy. We use organic ingredients to prepare our food, and you’ll be happy to know that our service value is unmatched.

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