Open Late, until 8!

Author: All Beef Catering Inc. |


It's Taco Tuesday, it's so cold that nobody wants to leave their house or cook, and we are open late. This math adds up to you ordering tacos on Skip the Dishes all the way until 8 PM tonight. Or tomorrow for wings, or both, your choice. You need comfort food and we've got it. P.S. tomorrow's special flavour is Sweet Chipotle Maple, and it's great. 

Essentially all we're saying is that since we are open until 8 for dine-in, you can now get us on Skip the Dishes until then as well! We're ironing out our delivery radius and those fun details so that we can get our food into your homes and mouths. 

We also want to thank everybody so much for their Superbowl Sunday orders. We were overwhelmed with the support and we're so happy to hear the feedback and see all the posts about our food on social media. Your posts and word-of-mouth helps us spread our food to that many more people and we can't thank everyone enough for spreading the word. We had a crazy busy day, but it was worth it to hear how much everyone enjoyed their meals!

We're also getting a brand spankin' new kids menu going too, bring in the youngsters for a meal too! We've even got kids menus and crayons so they don't cause too much of a ruckus. This menu is also going to be added to Skip the Dishes for your kiddos.

Finally, we are coming up with an Easter meal similar to the meal we did around Christmas. Once everything is finalized we will let you know and you can get your order in ASAP.

Once again we want to thank you all for your continued support, feedback, questions, and orders because without all of that we wouldn't be able to continue serving you. We hope to see you or your order soon!